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Embark on a transformative journey into the world of beauty with the Professional Beauty Course at Nikky Bawa Family Salon. Delve into the realm of aesthetics, mastering the artistry of hair, makeup, and skincare under the guidance of seasoned professionals. With a comprehensive curriculum designed to nurture your talents and refine your skills, this course offers a gateway to a flourishing career in the beauty industry.

Throughout the program, you’ll immerse yourself in hands-on training, learning the latest techniques and trends in hairstyling, color theory, and skincare treatments. Our expert instructors bring years of industry experience, providing personalized attention to each student to ensure optimal learning and growth. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or an aspiring professional, our inclusive learning environment caters to individuals of all skill levels.

At Nikky Bawa Family Salon, we prioritize practical learning experiences, allowing you to hone your craft in a real salon setting. You’ll have the opportunity to work with diverse clientele, gaining invaluable insights into client consultation, product knowledge, and salon management. Additionally, our curriculum emphasizes the importance of hygiene, safety, and customer service, equipping you with the essential skills to thrive in a competitive market.

Upon completion of the Professional Beauty Course, you’ll emerge as a confident and proficient beauty professional, ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey. Whether you aspire to work in renowned salons, freelance as a makeup artist, or even launch your own beauty business, our course provides a solid foundation for success. Join us at Nikky Bawa Family Salon and unlock your potential in the glamorous world of beauty.

Expand your horizons and unleash your creativity as you explore the endless possibilities within the beauty industry. With our esteemed certification and practical expertise, you’ll stand out as a sought-after professional in the dynamic world of beauty and aesthetics. Join us today and elevate your passion into a rewarding career.


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Nikky Bawa Beauty Academy was established in the year 1982 and has trained more than 11000 female students which contributes to more than 80% of the work force working in the industry in Central India.

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Our goal is to provide a world-class experience, a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention combine to create a totally memorable and experience.

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